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The Uncharted Whisky Co

Uncharted Whisky Co. 10yo Mixtape#2 Blended Malt Whisky - Oloroso Sherry Octave (70cl, 50.0%)

Uncharted Whisky Co. 10yo Mixtape#2 Blended Malt Whisky - Oloroso Sherry Octave (70cl, 50.0%)

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Welcome to The Hand-Drawn Collection.  Each bottling is a micro batch, hand bottled, individually numbered and labelled with hand written labels. This is a beautiful example of spirit meets sherry cask whisky at it’s most balanced.

Introducing, Mixtape #2, with the predecessor to this selling out in a matter of days, you might be glad to know we had a sister cask. The same beautiful blend of malt whisky but given longer maturation time in the oloroso sherry octave. Each component of this blend was distilled in the Highland region and matured in ex-bourbon wood before Uncharted Whisky got it. Then the liquid was blended and filled into a refill oloroso octave- the perfect vessel for adding complexity and sweetness without bulldozing the spirit character of our blend. Representing just 86 bottles, this sherry cask is aged 10 years, and bottled at 50%

So how does it differ from Mixtape #1?

The blend remains the same, as does the cask type- refill oloroso sherry octave. Where it differs is the maturation has been allowed to go a further. An extra four months doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes an big difference in a cask as tiny as this (only 55 litres) and even more so over the Summer season. During Summer, the warehouse heats up, the whisky expands in the cask and oak grain opens up. This makes for much better conversation between the spirit and the oak, which in this case, makes even better whisky.  

Named for the nostalgic- and often pain staking- labour of love that was creating a mixtape, this is our homemade compilation album. Featuring hits such as shaved oak, larger notes of sherry, spiced vanilla and honeyed red apples- now with more honey.


Light and airy. Notes of honey, cereal and ripe red apples accompany a touch of galaxy caramel.


This delicate dram coats the mouth eliciting honey, malted barley, oak, vanilla and florals. A more chewy and mature note has developed… maybe cigar?


The bright and zingy whisky is slow to leave. Florals are the first to go allowing the deep oak to step forward. Aromatic spices swimming in the gentle sherry sweetness.



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