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Roehill Springs

RoeHill Springs Honeyberry Gin

RoeHill Springs Honeyberry Gin

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Roehill Springs Honeyberry Gin is a luxurious fruit infusion bottled at 40% ABV using only gin, fruit and water, with no sugar or sweeteners added.
On the Nose
A hint of Juniper leads to the rich opulent scent of Scottish Honeyberries.
Tasting Notes
A full-bodied gin, infused with whole, ripe, juicy honeyberries, which impart their unmistakable tart yet sweet, velvety flavours.
Distiller’s Notes
We are extremely proud of this addition to our family of Gins which is a rich lush fruit laden offering. This second batch weighs in at a mighty 40%ABV. It contains a bespoke distillation of gin where we add Honeyberries to the botanical basket; this distillation is then married in a stainless steel vat with copious amounts of honeyberries for at least three weeks with absolutely no sugar or sweetener added to give a wonderfully fresh, clean, tart yet sweet finish with a beautiful mouthfeel.
Did you know that honeyberries contain more vitamin C than an orange, more potassium than a banana, more antioxidants than a blueberry and in Japan it is known as, berry of longevity.

Key Botanical(s): Honeyberries
Gin Style: Flavoured
Strength: 38% vol
Goes great with: A twist of orange, tonic and ice.

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