Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler

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Traditionally, after living its first years in an oak barrel where it can take on the gentle flavours of the wood, whiskey then spends the rest of its life in glass or crystal walls where the taste remains preserved but static.

Until now.

Nisnas' Oak Honey Tumbler brings your whiskey back to life by recreating the barrel experience, adding the flavours of the oak to the drink for a unique taste every time.

The journey begins before you take your first sip as the wood needs to be treated with wax and left for 12 hours before it is ready to receive your whiskey. Like the barrel the whiskey has aged in, the honey oak tumbler is a living, organic material that reacts with the world around it. The air, the wood and the whiskey all work together to bring you a unique flavour every time.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a new whisky entrant, the tumbler brings you a unique and inclusive style of drinking.