James Eadie

James Eadie Single Cask Spring 2021 - Blair Athol, Inchgower & Linkwood (70cl)

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Blair Athol 13yo Marsala Hhd Cask Finish #3887 [UK] (58.2%)

Nose:åÊManuka honey, orange peel and sweet dessert wine are balanced by heavier, meatier notes of cream, cherries and dark chocolate.

Taste:Thick honey and nougat notes are soon joined by autumnal red apple, pear and mango. Water softens and adds more fruit.

Finish:Nougat and almonds, with spice added from fresh red apple and orange peel.

Inchgower 13yo Amontillado Sherry Hhd Cask Finish #354554 [UK] (55.8%)

Nose:Bursting with tropical fruits ‰ÛÒ passionfruit, mango and papaya ‰ÛÒ with subtle notes of salt, barley sugar candy and mellow caramel undertones.

Taste:Ripe passionfruit, mango and raspberry are at the forefront, balanced perfectly by rich toffee and salted caramel.

Finish:Lovely, long-lasting passionfruit, with a touch of salted caramel and toffee.

Linkwood 11yo Re-charred Hogshead #314375(55.2%)

Nose:Tangy citrus notes of tangerine, orange peel and red grapefruit are joined by rich leather and almonds. Water brings out gentle floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine.

Taste:Like the nose, juicy, tangy tangerine, clove and tart red berries are balanced by caramel, toffee and butterscotch; a drop of water softens and adds rosewater.

Finish:Fresh tangerines and toffee ice cream, with caramel drizzled over